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Swimming in a chlorinated pool is refreshing and enjoyable on a hot day, but pales in comparison to the experience of swimming in a natural body of water. A swim in a natural pond does not leave you with itchy red eyes, dry skin or wanting a shower, which is common after swimming in chlorinated water.

Swim ponds are ponds that are laid in your garden as naturally as possible. Their attraction is derived especially from their natural appearance and a relatively low price.

If you create a evenly balanced ecosystem in your swim pond, you will find that the maintenance is very simple. The right kind of vegetation such as cattails, bulrushes, sedges, duckweed, and water lilies will use up the nutrients in your water that algae feeds on thus keeping down algae growth.

You can then basically look after your pond as you would your garden and just make sure that the surface debris is skimmed off before you go swimming.

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Swim Pond in Waterford

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